Dating Sites or Cam Sites

So where can you pick up a hot girl online? Do you go to a dating site or do you go to a cam site? Well, there’s a big difference between the two. Or, is there?

So a typical dating site, like can be a great place to meet a woman. Or, a man if you’re a woman reading this. The normal process is to get an account, create a profile, upload a picture or two or more and then hope that someone will message you. Now, here’s the reality if you are a man on a dating site. If you just put up your profile you likely will not get any messages unless you are extremely good looking.

How Do You PickUp Chicks on Online?

Ok. So now that your profile is done, next comes to message women. Because you are not going to get anyone messaging you unless you have got something special. So, when you message women, you have to do it right. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t sound creepy.
  • Don’t call her honey, babe, or anything like that
  • If complimenting her looks, compliment her eyes, not her tits. get it?
  • Ask her questions that will interest her
  • READ her profile then ask her about it
  • Find out her interests and then pose a question thats related
  • Don’t sound cocky, sound confident
  • Don’t ask for her number, skype or anything like that on first contact!

How to take it to the Next Level

Ok, so now that you have established contact with the girl of your dreams, how do you take it to the next level? There is a certain amount of time that you should talk online. It should never be too short or too long before you decide to meet or talk on the phone.

Now, here’s the thing. You need to make sure she’s comfortable. Some women will wan to meet right away, some will want to wait. Feel her out, see what kind of a woman she is. Once you have established that, then ask for her number.

To Text or Not to Text?

So you got her number. If you decide to text her, that’s fine but here’s the danger. If you constantly text her and never make the interest to call, she’s gonna lose interest. This has been proven.

So, text her a bit, dont tell her you are going to call. Surprise her one day by calling and saying something like, “hey, I was getting sick of texting so i thought i’d call instead” . I can’t tell you how powerful that is – it makes you sound confident and she’ll be surprised. Women love surprises.

Can I meet a girl on a Cam Site?

Now this is an interesting concept. Women are on dating sites to meet someone, when cam girls on on cam sites to make money.

The one thing you need to understand though is that cam girls are also single. They are also hot and horny and HARD CORE! So, how do you meet a cam girl? First of all, it’s a LOT harder than meeting a girl on a dating site but not impossible.

The main problem is cam girls dont really reveal their location. However, you can check her profile and there’s a chance she may reveal her hometown. If you can locate such a cam girl you are going to have to spend some time getting to know her and spend some money. You will also need to cam2cam with her so she can see you.

After a while if she trusts you, you could possibly ask her to meet up. Tell her to meet in a public place like a coffee shop or bar.

Where Do I Find These Cam Girls To Date?

You can look at this resource on the best chat sites and find a cam girl there. It’s a trusted source and these are real cam girls, we wouldnt want to send you to some shitty page with fake chicks. You can also check out their Facebook page.

So whether you decide on meeting a girl from a dating site or cam site, you’re gonna have to spend some money. The HardCore girls can be found on either sites, but obviously the girls on dating sites are not all hardcore. A lot are actually looking for marriage.

Enjoy and play safe! Don’t do this online!

Hard Core Rules

Hardcore Rules

These rules were created by The Hard Core Life. They are in no way meant to offend anyone, but if they do then it is your own fault and shouldn’t of read them in the first place.

  1. Not everything is hardcore
  2. Camp can never be hardcore- whatever the circumstances
  3. Weights sessions are hardcore if you do something stupidly difficult
  4. An event is hardcore if it was fucked up in some way
  5. You cannot call yourself hardcore- you either are hardcore or your not
  6. If you crash your car it’s going to of been hardcore
    i. Crashing into a car such as a Porsche is definitely hardcore
    ii. Crashing into a volvo is fucking retarded, not hardcore
  7. Drinking yourself to the point of unconsciousness is not hardcore- just fucking stupid
  8. If you think you’re hardcore but not sure then you’re not
  9. Pushing stuff to the max is hardcorehardcore-rap
  10. Rex Kwan Doe is hardcore (only if you can do good impressions and actually know who he is)
  11. St Paddy’s day and 3 day weekends are the national hardcore drinking times
  12. Hitting people in the bollocks is never hardcore
  13. Eating 2 boxes of Fabs is hardcore (especially in Winter)
  14. Playing Gallic Football in the snow for an hour is hardcore
  15. Dancing for 5 hours is hardcore
  16. Drugs aren’t hardcore, funny or in fact cool
  17. If you are female, by definition you cannot be hardcore
  18. French, Americans and possibly Germans will never be hardcore
  19. The ability to slam a revolving door is hardcore
  20. Going to a private school reduces your hardcore ability. Going to a public (not state) school means you can never be hardcore – however hard you try. Posh states schools also reduce hardcore ability
  21. Do not confuse retarded actions with hardcore moves
  22. Gangster rap will never be hardcore, neither will Eminem
  23. If you say something is hardcore and it blatantly isn’t you should chop your hand off in shame
  24. If you call these rules sexist then you’re not hardcore
  25. Shaking your fist in an appropriate manner is hardcore
  26. Complaining about the sensays or the rules isn’t hardcore
  27. Being 15 with 3 kids isn’t hardcore just very slutty
  28. Chavs are not hardcore kidhardcore
  29. Norman who works at Vue in Leeds is hardcore and a legend
  30. Robbing garden centre’s which are closing down and selling the goods on ebay is hardcore
  31. Blowing stuff up is hardcore as long as it’s not a terrorist act
  32. Nights out drinking are not always hardcore, in fact they are very rarely hardcore
  33. Pimping snacks is hardcore, pimping shit cars is not
  34. Free running done properly (ie risking life/looks awesome) is hardcore
  35. Green Machine is the official hardcore drink (half a pint of Stella in a pint glass and then a bottle of blue WKD poured in)
  36. It’s hardcore to write off your family saloon by having it driven into by an inbred busd driver in the Lake District whilst it is parked
  37. Pits at gigs are hardcore
  38. Stage invasions are hardcore, as long as you are not mounted by a gypsy during them
  39. Man flu is the hardcore version of the common cold
  40. If you’re ginger, you’re not hardcore
  41. Being able to stay sobre at a house party/massive drinking night out is pretty hardcore
  42. Smoking isn’t hardcore, just retarded
  43. Brown would be the definition of hardcore if he wasn’t ginger
  44. Guns are not hardcore
  45. Bare hand-to-hand combat is pretty fucking hardcore (none of that drunken stuff)
  46. Rowing is hardcore as it uses every muscle group in body so it is a t-total when you race. Rugby is also hardcore due to the violence
  47. Taking a bullet for someone is hardcore
  48. Being kicked out of school for doing crazy ass stunts is pretty freakin hardcore
  49. Abusing the hardcore site is not hardcore
  50. A definition of hardcore – destroying two separate pieces of ilkley park on a friday night (not that we are condoning this behaviour)
  51. Humidity is not hardcore
  52. Sun burn is not hardcore in itself, but taking the risk to get burnt is hardcore to a certain extent
  53. Leeds Festival Weekend (with optional early permit pass) is the hardcorelife approved holiday
  54. Sex without a condom is not hardcore, especially if it’s a one night stand


The Hardcore Life of a Cam Girl

Cam girls are not new, in fact they have been around ever since the webcam was invented. It all started with a chick and a cam, putting on a show for a boyfriend or something. You also may remember the Yahoo Chatrooms of yesteryear where chatters could flip on their cams. There were a lot of hot chicks on there but it’s no longer around – sigh.

Eventually some people got smart and realized the allure of seeing a girl get naked or at least show off on cam. So then we have the birth of the cam site. Soon many sites started popping up, where members would pay per minute to view a girl (or guy) usually starting at .99 cents per minute. cam girl

Birth of the Cam Girl

So shortly after this the Cam Girl Was born. Gorgeous women from around the world started to take part in this phenomenon realizing the money earning potential. Studios were set up where cam girls get naked in private rooms. They were paid a base salary plus some commission, based on the model of the studio. The real money though was made from models that were private and managed their own rooms. Sometimes they would have 4 profiles going at a time!

Cam Girl Sites

Nowadays, cam girl sites are a plenty. If you just do a search for best cam sites you will get a plethora of results. It’s all really what you are looking for. Some are good, some are bad. Just do your research and read the fine print as to how much it will cost you. It’s relatively safe though, just know what you are getting yourself into before laying out your credit card details.

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